Instead of toast

The basis for a good fruit brandy is quality, healthy and ripe fruit and also the proper technological process. What makes our brandies winners of gold medals and champion trophies is our great love for this drink.

In fact, we believe that what is gin in England, in Russia vodka, schnapps in Germany, akvavit in Scandinavia, it is rakija in Serbia. Because of that, we make only top quality brandies and as artists we explore new tastes and flavors.

For now, we are unique in the production of brandy from the flower of hawthorn (Cvet gloga), which has won the "Champion of quality" trophy on the very first exibition. In addition to this brandy, we are very proud of our apple brandy (Jabukovaca), quince (Dunjevaca), blackberry (Kupina), grape brandy (Lozovaca),grape brandy (Komovica), plum brandy (Prepecenica), wild pear brandy (Divlja kruska) and elderberry brandy (Bobica zove).

Drink steadily so you can drink longer. Cheers!

Hawthorn brandy