About Zenit Brandies

A harmonious blend of finding the best varieties of fruits and other plants, and art of making spirits led to the establishment of the brandy cellar "Zenit" in year 2008.

What we are proud of is the same quality that satisfies the most refined connoisseurs of brandy. Proof of that are medals and trophies that we have won on each competition in which we have participated.

Our special brandy made from dried grapes with the addition of hawthorn flower was the absolute champion of the quality in the Ljubljana Fair 2008 and in the same year it won the grand gold medal at the 75th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.

On the 78th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad 2011 we received a trophy for the high quality of evaluated fruit brandy. White quince and wild pear brandy won the gold medal, and quince (stored in oak barrel) brandy won the Grand gold medal.

On the 79th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad 2012 “Zenit” has been awarded with the Grand silver trophy for high quality and fruit brandy assortment (7 gold and 2 silver medals)

On the 6th Rakija fest, visitors of this traditional event awarded us with title of the best fruit brandy manufacturer in Serbia.

While the awards say a lot about our products, we do not rush to "get in" to homes for the festive tables because we know that we know anyone who tastes Zenit spirits will leave the door open for our products forever.