First of all, we have made grape brandy, and as our region is rich with quality apple we did not missed to enrich our cellar with apple brandy. Pearl of our cellar is a rare wild pear brandy, which in its rich bouquet carries the characteristics of Serbia.

We also have one of the most popular spirits of many - quince - white and quince yellow, which is stored in oak barrels. We have produced a specific brandy from top quality blackberry fruit brandy- blackberry brandy, and a special brandy fom ripe fruit of elderberry, that is extremely difficult to find in the local market. Elderberry brandy is rare, and we can claim that the special brandy hawthorn flower is unique in the world!

If Serbia is best known for producing spirits and we produce some of the best brandies in Serbia, it means that you can also try the best brandy in the world of spirits which certainly the hawthorn brandy is.

hawtorn flower
Quince brandy oak
Quince Brandy
Wild Pear Brandy
Elderberry brandy
Blackberry brandy
Apple brandy
Grape brandy Komovica
Grape brandy Lozovaca
Plum brandy Prepecenica